M A G M A - Heavy Drum Design

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M A G M A - Heavy Drum Design

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Immerse your beat-making sessions into magmatic foundations!

Featuring 5 kits, 100 one-shots divided into 10 categories and 80 processed loops it's a magmatic blend of various genres such as Techno, Hip Hop, BreakBeat, IDM and Dubstep at an experimental playground of 115 BPM.

Expect to find massive kicks, crispy hi-hats, impactful snares, intricate foleys, futuristic and sci-fi fxs and stabs, chopped vocals and more.

All the sounds have been carefully crafted and processed with a custom fx chain to give a particular character and blend to the individual sounds so they can work well together when arranged as kits.

Bring the 'hydra sound' into your beats now!

The demo is made entirely with the patterns from the kits provided sequenced in a live performance fashion.

In the 'Sample Pack' version you will get:

  • 100 one-shots divided into 10 categories: kicks, claps, snares, foleys, hi-hats, fxs, percs, reverses, stabs and voxes.
  • 5 kits which contain each 16 patterns, with a total of 80 processed loops.
  • Thumbnail artwork of the pack.
  • A 4-minutes Demo Mix which showcases the pack's potential.
  • PDF Guide of the pack.
  • 100% Royalty-free sounds to use in your own productions.

In addition to that, in the 'Sample Pack + ADSR Drum Machine Kits' version you also get the 5 expansion kits for the ADSR Drum Machine plugin so that you are free to customize them and sequence the patterns inside of it.

The PDF Guide contains instructions about the installation of the kits.

Below you can listen to the demo mix I made for the pack:

Below you can see and hear some of the kits used in my video showcase:

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