G E N E S I S - Biomorphing Lifeforms for Phase Plant 🧬

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G E N E S I S is a flagship soundbank for Phase Plant + sample pack developed in collaboration with Spektralisk.

This is one of our most ambitious projects so far.

The initial concept and idea of this work was to craft complex sound effects resembling living forms or imaginary organisms inspired by organic, mechanical, creature-like, and natural elements.

Our design goal was to give the user a great amount of flexibility in terms of audio manipulation and to be able to achieve complex results quickly, by employing the 8 themed macros and the mod wheel, which acts as a sort of super-macro, since it controls multiple macros at once.

The naming of the macros reflects the concept of the pack, so you can feel the power of altering the sound inner properties and hearing the “organism” come alive and transform in various ways ;)

This collection features an extensive range of futuristic sound effects, and it has been specifically created to be tailored to the needs of game audio designers, sound designers for sci-fi films, and anyone looking to augment their music production with unique, customizable, and versatile sound effects.

Video Showcase Part I

Video Showcase Part II

Sample Preview 'Shorts':

Sample Preview 'Longs':

Genesis Editions

There are three versions of Genesis available: the Phase Plant Bank, which includes 100 presets, and the Sample Pack, which contains 382 samples divided into 'Shorts' and 'Longs' categories, created using the Phase Plant presets. You can purchase each version separately, or opt for the cost-effective bundle that includes both.

Themed Macros explained

The Phase Plant presets come with a unique set of 8 specific macros for each patch, which allow intricate and complex manipulations of the sound. This gives the user the ability to create and customize the sound for specific needs and applications. Below you can find an explanation of the macro controls.


The first four macros are fixed to ensure consistency when working with sound in music production.

M1 - MORPH. Changing the "shape” of the sound. Alters the sound on many levels: timbre, rhythm, fx, etc. works in conjunction with other macros.

M2 - MITOSIS. Like a cell dividing into halves, the sound’s inner properties make it sound less cohesive as a whole, and more split, fragmented into a double nature. Responsible for fragmentation of the sound, stereo split, modulation depths, rates, and response of other macros.

M3 - WILD. It makes the sound more aggressive and uncontrolled.

M4 - TAME. It makes the sound calm down and simplified in various ways (getting darker, less movement, freezing modulations, blurring everything with reverb, etc.)


The other four macros are flexible and change between presets. Here are some:

ORGANIC. Organic, evolutive sound with a ‘natural’ evolution over time.

TECHY. Unnatural, high-tech mutation of the sound. Like an organism’s built-in laboratory.

EXTINCTION/AGONIZE. Destruction/distortion/deformation/deconstruction of the sound in an ugly way.

CHAOS. Brings randomness into play and makes the sound chaotic.

MUTATE. Alteres the timbre/color of the sound. Additional modulation source.

SWARM. Moves the sound into a granular cloud of small particles.

CLAWS. Makes the sound sharper, and rawer.

ADRENALINE. The sound rises in intensity, bringing a sense of urgency.

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100 presets for Phase Plant and 382 samples. PDF Guide + HQ Artwork

Phase Plant 2.2.1
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G E N E S I S - Biomorphing Lifeforms for Phase Plant 🧬

0 ratings
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